Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Have I mentioned how much I love the blog tales of me and the husband? I think my affection is rooted in the author being a Jersey girl transplanted in Massachusetts with an absolutely surreal love story, but I might just enjoy her writing, style, and the sense of “ahhhhh” I get each time I read about her oh-so-busy, but peaceful-seeming (is that possible?) life.

So, if/since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m straight up copying her taking stock round up today.

Makingplans! With my trusty planner (thank goodness for Moleskine), I’ve been mapping out the rest of my summer and finding myself completely alarmed by how quickly it will pass between meetings, travel, weddings, and my baby shower.
Cookinghardly at all, really. This is one area where I’ve really dropped the ball in the past six months. Thank goodness for the summertime, Nik, and our grill.
Drinkingbrand new concoctions courtesy of my juicer, every single day. Today’s blend is English cucumber, cantaloupe, apple, and lemon and it is refreshing.
Readingthis and this (yikes!). I also recently finished this, written by my colleague. The writing is just like listening to him tell a story, only the story is one of the most incredible I’ve ever heard.
Wantinga glass of super-chilled Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and a big slice of cake. (Luckily half of this is coming true later tonight. The cake half.)
Lookingforward to visiting wonderful, old friends next weekend for a birthday party and Bruno Mars concert.
Playingthe #100happydays game. I’m only on #day2, so there’s a long way to go!
EatingJustin’s Maple Almond Butter. Heaven.
WishingI could impose my love for the beach on my husband, who doesn’t like sitting in the sun or sitting still in general. Opposites attract, I suppose.
Enjoyingactually being an active and present member of the running club I joined years ago. Tuesday night 5K fun runs are so. much. fun.
Loving: how beautiful the flower beds in our front yard look after last weekend’s hard work. Worth it!
Hopingto try out my new bicycle trainer this weekend. I agreed to stay off the roads during pregnancy, but my sister and her boyfriend gave me a trainer for my birthday so I can still ride.
Needingmore sleep! My goodness! I am so tired.
Smellingisn’t it funny how you can actually smell the summertime heat? 
Feelingbeyond excited for a long weekend… one that includes a visit from my parents and grandmother!
Wearingan Old Navy t-shirt dress I found on sale last weekend. It’s become my go-to for lounging around the house.
FollowingI can’t get enough of the fantastic career profiles and home tours posts each Tuesday and Thursday morning. The site is a great resource for young, professional women.
Noticingsome really fantastic looks at the liquor store last night, as I picked up a case of beer and four bottles of wine, especially as I proceeded to ask “is the Kim Crawford Pinot Grigio any good, because I’m really a big fan of the Sauvignon Blanc…”
Bookmarkingtruly terrifying post-delivery insights that I find on Pinterest. Don’t worry, I keep them on a secret/hidden board called “notsomuchfun baby things.”

Pick something on the list and tell me what you’re playing/noticing/loving/wishing.