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Last night was the first time since being pregnant that I really, really had to call off a work out because of the weather and really, really didn’t want to. Most of the time the weather and my mood seem to work it out so it’s no big deal, or if the weather is treacherous, I don’t want to go in the first place, but last night I was itching to run, wanted to get out with the club, and had to admit it was just too hot.

Since it was a Tuesday, my running club had their weekly 5K close to home at 7 PM. Temps were still hovering around 90 when I left the office, but eased down into the 80’s over the next hour. As the clock ticked past 6:00, I refreshed my weather app over and over, trying to will it down, but by the time I had to leave, I had to admit that 84 degrees was not my self-imposed threshold of 79 and can the run.

Yesterday was a sort of mediocre day. I felt pretty lousy, very overtired, and completely distracted. I’m going home to see my family in New Jersey for the weekend in a couple of weeks and feel a little bit like I’m the kid in school with senioritis. In the absence of running, I lounged on my bed for a few hours reading and eating Tostitos, antsy and grumpy. Finally, around 7:30 I decided to suit up and head out for a walk.

Nik was out at a work event, so I got to rock my about-to-disintegrate-right-off-my-body, 10-year old UNH sweatpants. They’re my favorite, but maybe not the best option for a 2.5 mile walk in 82-degree weather. It was sweaty.

They say walking provides many of the same benefits of a good run and that is no joke. Hallelujah. It was still super hot, but at least I was able to move.

I ended up in bed early, got a decent night’s sleep, and woke first around 5 before dozing until my alarm at 6. I bounced out of bed to get dressed before I could think too much about it or fall back asleep and thank goodness I did because the weather outside was spectacular. The sun was rising gently (as opposed to aggressively, as I would describe it’s mid-afternoon shine right now) and along with 72-degree temperatures, a nice, light breeze was blowing.

It was perfect. Peaceful and comfortable with that magical kind of half awake haze. The air was fresh, the breeze felt nice. Everyone I crossed was friendly. It was just what I needed and reaffirmed my decision to hold back last night in the very best way.

I ran the same route that I walked last night, comfortably and very, very happily. Within hours, it was over 90 degrees again, so I was even more pleased to have gotten out early for a much needed dose of endorphins.

32 1/2 weeks and hanging in!