Short stories from long runs

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It’s universally understood and generally accepted fact that Mondays are rough. Mondays after a long holiday weekend? Torture. (This is to say nothing about Tuesdays, which are like total no-man’s-land between the weekend and hump day.)

Last night I realized the 4th of July holiday would be my last long weekend or holiday or bonus day off until maternity leave. Next time I have the opportunity to sleep in, watch sports in bed, linger on the deck as the sun goes down and the bugs come out, etc. etc. etc. likely won’t contain any of those things at all, or, at a minimum, they will happen with a newborn baby propped on the scene. I’m not saying it’s bad — believe me, I thought about that scenario during all of the above this weekend and it’s a downright kickass prospect — but it’ll make you stop and say woah for a quick minute.

Anyhow, going to bed last night was sort of a bummer, knowing the alarm would buzz this morning and off I’d go. It turned out I woke before my alarm, first at 4:50 AM and then at 6, so I decided that after a few days off from real exercise (besides a long walk on the beach yesterday and another walk in our neighborhood last night), I should try to wake up on the right side of the bed with a morning run. By the time I motivated, dressed, and got out the door it was 20-past, so I settled in for 2 1/2 miles through a nearby neighborhood.

Overall, I felt really good. I’m getting more acclimated to the slower pace and working hard at not letting it influence me at all (emotional or effort-wise), though I like to use the tracking for my training log all the same.

The weather looked like it was having a bit of a Monday itself. The early part of my loop (running away from home) was sunny, bright, and optimistic, but the second half (on the return) looked pretty moody and ominous. I went back and forth on the two myself.

After a brief stop to walk — I’m feeling much more intense stuff in my low belly now than I did a few weeks ago, largely “thanks” to my intestines, I think (yuck) — I ran it in and got on with my day.

Just in case the run wasn’t enough to start my week off on the right note, upon showering I ran back downstairs to get started on a fresh juice.

Strawberries, ginger, lemon, apples, carrots, and a beet. This is one of the more fruit-heavy concoctions I’ve put together and was really yummy. It had the earthy, healthy¬†grounding from the beets and carrots, but also carried the light, refreshing fruitiness from the strawberries, apples, and lemon. I was surprised by how nicely the strawberries packed a punch considering that I wouldn’t necessarily call them an especially juicy fruit.

Here’s hoping I’m ramped up and fueled up for a strong start to the week.

Anything I’m missing? How do you pump yourself up for Mondays?