Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

You got me again, Mother Nature. Last weekend’s spring-like tease was just that and this week, we are entrenched back in winter here in New England. Even seeing 68 degrees on the long range forecast feels cruel. It flurried last night!

With 6-8 miles on my schedule for Tuesday night, I spent the drive home from the train moping and checking out every whipping flag, side-of-the-road dust/salt storm, and waving branch we saw, knowing how easy it would be to hit the couch instead of the road.

I compromised and headed to the gym.

I wore my favorite pair of sneaks and a borderline ridiculous pair of purple sunglasses to cheer myself up and get motivated. Silly, I know, but it got me into my stretch pants and onto the treadmill. Little victories.

The first few miles went fine and felt easy – ironic, with the treadmill set on a 8:57 pace, considering how I’ve struggled the past week or two. By mile four or five I was pretty much over it. My old school iPod mix and Access Hollywood without subtitles is only entertaining for so long. I made a deal with myself that if I ran my best for the first six miles, I could coast for the last two as slowly as I wanted.

I finished six and slowed the treadmill down to ten minute pace for a half mile, then gradually moved my pace back up after each tenth. When I got to 8:30s I hung out for a bit and then started creeping back up. With only 20 minutes set on the timer for my last two miles, it went by much quicker playing with pace and counting down.

When I trained for the NJ Marathon in 2011, I did a LOT of long runs on the treadmill in our condo fitness center, watching it snow out the window (that winter we brutal!) and reading the Dragon Tattoo trilogy in giant letters on my iPad. Honestly, I can’t imagine how I did it! I’m not sure if it’s my legs or m attention span, but anything more than five miles just seems unfair these days. Luckily, that’s all that’s on the agenda for tonight!