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Ohmygosh, Friday again already? This week flew by!

Good thing I’ve read several spectacular articles this week and found a fantastic story to share. Okay, I didn’t find this one. It was shared with me by a man I first “met” by way of his application to join our Boston Marathon Team In Training team about a year and a half ago, when I still worked at LLS. I tell you, that job afforded me the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the most spectacular individuals, Dr. Larry included.

My details might be just slightly off, since I no longer have his application or correspondence handy for confirmation, but this is the gist of it:

Dr. Larry is a doctor (did you pick up on that already?) in Sacramento who, a few years ago, diagnosed himself with cancer, visiting an oncologist to confirm what he already expected. He has SLL/CLL, or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. SLL/CLL is a slow growing blood cancer and some patients can go years without needing treatment, though it typically develops into a particularly aggressive type of lymphoma. Treatment is sometimes simply watch and wait, though for many, that also means wait and worry.

In my experience, Dr. Larry is not the sit-back-and-wait type. Already a runner, Dr. Larry came on board to run the 2012 Boston Marathon while raising money (nearly $40,000 in 2012) for blood cancer research and patient care. We communicated primarily by email and frequently by telephone and meeting Dr. Larry and his wife during marathon weekend last April was a gift. They are a lovely, warm, and humble pair. As many may remember, Marathon Monday was about 90 degrees… not exactly the conditions to show off months of training and hard work. Still, when I saw Dr. Larry at the finish, he was smiling. And another thing? On his race jersey, he listed the names of two friends he was running to honor above his own.

Put simply, I have such admiration for his grace, positive outlook, and disposition.

We have kept in touch periodically since I left my job at LLS and I was thrilled to learn that he is in good enough health to run Boston again next week. His cancer has continued to grow and his levels have risen, but on April 15, he will run Boston for a second time, having raised nearly $50,000for LLS this time around.

That’s the long-ish version. The short is that in an email earlier this week Dr. Larry asked if I had seen this article in the Wall Street Journal. He called it motivational, which is about all there is to say.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a wonderful weekend.