Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Yesterday was my scheduled rest day, and that it was also Easter Sunday seemed appropriate. I traded running for relaxation with family and friends. Good for the soul.

Up early, Nik and I went to church for an early mass. In the bulletin it noted a study that stated¬†People who attend church are happier. Generally, that doesn’t surprise me and I sat for the few minutes before mass thinking about other ways to finish the sentence, about other words I feel as a result of an hour a week at church.¬†Peaceful. Calm. Contemplative. Loving. Accepting. Community.

These are also words that, more often than not, describe my place in the running world. During an hour or two running, either training alone or racing alongside thousands, the peaceful, repetitive rhythm of moving shifts me into a more thoughtful mode. There’s plenty of time to hash out a day’s work, relationships, tough questions or problems. I love the nod or smile runners give each other when they pass on the street. Running creates such a nice sense of community.

My long run on Saturday morning was a tough one, especially frustrating since I did the same exact run (in the snow) about two months ago and felt about a million times better than I did this week. I ran a 12-mile loop, hilly, and it kicked my butt. I was pretty grouchy about it, but reminded myself up the last stretch of the longest hill that if there was a day to be out running 10 or 15 minutes longer than I had aimed, Saturday was the day. It was gorgeous and warm and, given the winter we had, it was a perfectly fair trade off.

We spent Saturday night prepping food, setting tables, and cleaning the house so we could truly relax Sunday morning. Relax, we did. Surrounded by great friends and family, we ate and drank well, sat on the front stoop, and Skyped with family near and far. The rest days that actually leave you rejuvenated are the best of all, aren’t they? Happy for the Monday morning commute? No, I mean, let’s be real, but ready to hit the road for a few miles tonight? Absolutely.